80 to 250V LED Roadway Luminaire Type 41LA/A

Used as general purpose light fitting particulalry for roadways.

Manufactured in corrosion resistant zinc alloy.
Voltage – range from 90 to 250 Volts in one unit.
Weight – 12kg, .

  • Supplied with long life LED lamp.
  • LED lamp offers greater than 50,000 hours continuous lamp life.
  • Quick re-lamp. Lampglass secured with single bolt and if necessary can be removed completely by withdrawing two split pins.
  • Simple installation using Victor Products Ltd range of LP plugs designed to NCB Spec. 691/1984.
  • Protected against dust and water ingress.
  • Guard option available.
  • Casting made from zinc alloy to reduce weight and avoid rusting.
  • No control gear required.

Specificaly designed for underground coal mining.
Fitting instructions can be supplied on request.

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