Half Couplers for use in deep mines, opencast and industrial environments. Certified for Group 1 hazardous areas incorporating simple serviceable designs while making use of common parts where practical.

Amp /VoltageHalf Couplers Straight AdaptorsRight Angle Adaptors
500A / 3300V33MK1_Image233MK2A Half Coupler AFA33A Air Filled Socket Adaptor
RAA33A Right Angled Adaptor
500A / 6600V66MK1_Image2AFA66A 6.6kV Air Filled Adaptor
500A / 11000V CCBX1A 11kV Half Coupler
CCAX1A 11kV Adaptor


This equipment has been reviewed against the requirements of BS EN60079-0:2012 and BS EN60079-1:2007, in respect of the differences from the standards to which the relevant certificates were issued; none of these differences affect this equipment.