Half Coupler and Adaptor Range of Ancillary Items

Specificaly designed for use on Victor Products Ltd range of  3300V, 6600V and 11000V half couplers and adaptors.

ATEX Approved.

Manufactured in corrosion resistant materials.
Voltage – Suitable for 3300 Volts, 6600 Volts and 11000 Volts half coupler and adaptor range.

  • Compact.
  • Simple design.

Specificaly designed for underground coal mining.
Fitting instructions available in Download tab.

ATEX Certificates –

3.3kV End Cover 33IECA – 33IECA End Cover MECS02ATEX5091U

6.6kV End Cover 66IECA – 66IECA End Cover MECS02ATEX5096U

11.0kV End Cover CEX1A – CEX1A End Cover MECS02ATEX5184U

Data Sheet – Coupler and Adaptor Accessories

Installation Instructions –

3.3kV End Cover 33IECA – 33IECA Blanking Cover 500A 3.3Kv – 124824

6.6kV End Cover 66IECA – 66IECA Blanking Cover 500A 6.6Kv – 124825

11.0kV End Cover CEX1A – CCEXIA Blanking Cover 500A 11kV – 124848

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