Flameproof Bolted Plug Type 3BPA

Specificaly designed for use on 500A circuits up to 1100/3300 Volts.

ATEX Approved.

Manufactured in corrosion resistant gunmetal.
Voltage – Suitable for up to 11/003300 Volts.
Weight – 10.5kg.

To maintain flameproof certification it is important that the full cable specification and outside diameter are supplied at point of ordering.

  • Compact size and lightweight.
  • Able to operate in at 1100/3300 Volts.
  • Simple serviceable design.
  • Provision for 3 mains, 1 pilot and 2 auxilliary with scraping earth and integral earth through insulator.

Specificaly designed for underground coal mining.
Fitting instructions available in Download tab.

The Type 3BPA range of Plugs are able to accommodate cable with the following limits

  • Voltage: – 3300 Volts.
  • Current: – 500 Amps.
  • Conductor CSA: – 120mm2 max.
  • Diameter Range: – 26 – 73mm & 79mm with gland.
  • Configuration: – 3 Mains, 1 Pilot & 2 Auxiliary.

Full cable specification is required at time of order to ensure correct part supplied.

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